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The Froebel's School since its inception in 1998 has been an advocate of the child - Children are our top priority, everything at Froebel's is planned with the child in mind and utmost care is taken of these children.

At Froebel’s our goal is to prepare our students for life. It is to provide them with an excellent, well blended, wholesome learning process in a congenial environment. As a result of which students feel more close to each other and the school.

In order to secure significant growth in all aspects we organize and interrelate curricular and co curricular activities and try to maintain a balance of both, because we believe that the overall results of our teaching here at Froebel’s should be a deeper and comprehensive development of the child’s whole personality. Therefore we strengthen what we teach.

We have a professional, dedicated and highly committed faculty with good facilities and resources, which are well organized and have a friendly and busy atmosphere. We exist to foster to inculcate in our students the qualities and essence of a true Muslim and seek to encourage self awareness, tolerance and a valued sense of social living. We are proud of our achievement in the past thirteen years of the school and profoundly thank Allah for the good name and growth we have managed to gain that has enabled us to reach a place from where we are on the way to become a learning – enriched school.

Good education is probably the most valuable investment you make for your child. We extend a warm welcome to everyone who wishes to visit us. No matter what you are looking for we are confident we have something for you worth visiting.

(Message from the Principal Eisha Tariq Rehman)